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Wedding Ceremony

Congratulations – you are saying yes!

The Wedding Ceremony will make your big day exactly what it is meant to be:
unforgettable, unique and exactly as you dreamed it would be.

The ceremony is completely unrestricted and does not have to comply with any formalities.
I will give you a lot of helpful tips and suggestions, but you will always have the final say. What I particularly like about wedding speeches is that the bride and groom are of course the center of attention, but the guests are not just spectators also. They are laughing, crying and celebrating just as much as the happy couple does.

My speeches are light-hearted, cheerful and simply celebrate your love for each other.
Of course I will include milestones in your relationship, but I will by no means just repeat everything that has already happened or mention universally applicable platitudes about love.
No way, because there is so much more to tell!
What are you like as a couple? Are you completely different, but just complement each other perfectly, or are you so much  alike that you can finish each other’s sentences?
In a fresh and creative way, I will point out that the two of you are the perfect couple!

A ritual is a wonderful way to make visible, that the two of you are inseparably connected from now on.
You can perform the ritual as a couple or we can include all your guests. From the classic wedding candle to fire rituals and handicrafts, there are no limits to creativity!
Goodbye to boredom and stiff speeches – say yes to your dream ceremony!

I am especially happy about multicultural celebrations. I lived in Finland and Greece for a short time and in my earlier jobs I had a lot of contact with people from all over the world. That’s why I have lots of fun holding conversations and ceremonies in English or bilingual (English / German).

All people are welcome here, no matter what gender, origin and sexual orientation  !

My Wedding Ceremonies are:

Audio samples

Press PLAY and hear my voice!

This is what a Wedding Ceremony could sound like. You also find an example for either romantic or lighthearted and individual wedding vows as inspiration.

If you would rather hear me talking on the phone or meet me live, just contact me for a non-binding talk!

My services:

Non-binding and free of charge initial consultation (in person or virtual)

1 – 2 further personal talks

Ideas and advice for the ceremony, such as incorporating a symbolic act and much more

Writing and delivering a unique speech tailored just for you

Contact person for the wedding ceremony during the entire planning period

Battery operated sound system, which can also be used to play music
Master of ceremonies on your big day, from entry of the bride to exit of the lovebirds

Additional services upon request:

Personal / virtual talk with your marriage witnesses / family / friends for more information about you
Rental of my triangular wedding arch

incl. white cloth & flower garland
incl. makramee, excl. flowers

Get your tailored offer now!

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