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Funeral -

Life celebration

You lost a loved one – I’m deeply sorry for that.
What I can do to give you, the relatives and friends of the deceased one a little consolation, is to organize a wonderful farewell ceremony, a last celebration for your loved one.

I try to find words where there are no words.
These words should reflect the person exactly as he / she was, with all edges, all wonderful qualities, hobbies, the little quirks, favourite sayings and just anecdotes from his / her life. The curriculum vitae is only a small part of my speech, because data and facts alone can never describe what makes a person special.

It is particularly important to me not to make the ceremony unnecessarily sad. With all my sensitivity, I try to find appropriate words for difficult fates. Saying goodbye can often be the beginning of a healing process, especially when there are tense family relationships or unfortunate circumstances of death.

Rituals are of inestimable value. Through rituals you can express your feelings and make the ceremony even more individual. Whether you want to light a candle that you designed yourself, place a letter in the grave, make a toast to the deceased or play his / her favourite song, it just needs to feel right.

I can hold the ceremony in English / German or bilingual.

My Funerals are:

Recommen dation


Unfortunately in Munich the time in the funeral parlour is limited (around 20 min).
If this is not enough time for you and the guests for a proper farewell, I can offer other options. I
t’s possible to divide the speech: one part at the cemetery and then we all meet again somewhere else, for example a café or restaurant nearby. I will give the second part of the speech there, guests can also say something and we’ll perform a farewell ritual.

The second option is not to book me for the funeral itself, but to hold the farewell a little later as part of a small celebration, for example at your home or at a place that the deceased loved.
Together we will definitely find the best solution!


Audio samples

Press PLAY and hear my voice!

This is what a funeral or life celebration could sound like.
There is one audio sample in English and one in German.

If you would rather hear me talking on the phone or meet me live, just contact me for a non-binding talk!

My services

Non-binding and free of charge initial consultation (by phone or virtual)

Another personal talk

Ideas and advice for the ceremony, for example integrating a ritual

Writing a unique speech tailored just for the deceased

Contact person for the ceremony during the entire planning period
Consultation with the undertaker and the cemetery staff
Battery-powered sound system, also for playing music
Carrying out the ceremony

Upon request: First part of the ceremony at the cemetery, second part at other place (see above)

Foto: Domagoj Starcevic

Creating your own farewell ceremony

Would you like to design your own farewell ceremony yourself while you are still alive?
In my opinion, that`s amazing!
After all, you are the one who’s planning all your other parties such as birthdays and your wedding. This way you can make sure, that your funeral will be 100% according to your wishes and at the same time your relatives do not have to make all the difficult decisions when you die.
As a celebrant, I can support you with the planning. We can meet and decide on a schedule and content for your funeral together. I would be happy to give advice on the choice of music, the schedule, the use of rituals and of course I will write the speech for the ceremony. According to your wishes and needs.

Many people start to think about these things when they become ill or have reached a certain age. But even if your death still seems a long way off, you can already plan a lot. With the help of your family or friends, I will finish the speech later on by filling in the gaps between our meeting and your death.

One thing is clear: we all have to die, so why suppress this topic instead of planning a nice celebration with me?
If you`re interested, just send me a message, I`ll be happy to help!


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