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There are several good reasons to book a celebrant.
Here are some examples:

You want an individual ceremony where boredom is nowhere to be found.
You don’t believe in God / the church and you want a secular ceremony.
You are not allowed to perform the ceremony in the church.
You left the church.
You want to marry a same-sex partner.
You are divorced and want to get married for the second time.
Your child’s godparents have a different denomination / are not baptized.
You want to renew your marriage vows.
You want your child to choose a religion for themselves later in their lives.

I am mainly working in the Munich and Regensburg area. But of course I also travel all over Bavaria and Germany for your special day. I am also always very happy about bookings abroad.

Of course it can, but it doesn`t have to.
Personally, I believe in God and I am happy to offer including a prayer or a blessing in the ceremony. It is important to understand, however, that I am not a clergyman or theologian and so cannot perform official religious acts.

Anyone who would rather have a purely secular ceremony is just as welcome.

No. The Wedding Ceremony does not replace a visit to the registry office. Only a civil wedding is legal in Germany. Booking a celebrant is a wonderful addition to the formal part in the registry office and celebrates the couple’s love in a unique ceremony.

Anywhere. The great thing about the ceremonies is that they can take place wherever you want. In your garden, your favorite restaurant, in a castle courtyard, on a ship, at the beach … There are no limits to your imagination.

At funerals, the ceremony usually takes place in the mourning hall. Forest cemeteries also usually offer a place for the ceremony. However, a celebrant can also do a ceremony some days or weeks after the funeral, for example at relatives’ homes. Then the first shock of the loss has already been softened and we can honor the deceased together and think back with love.

A Children’s Welcome Ceremony is often held instead of a baptism, so it is mostly babies. But I think it’s at least as nice when the child is older and understands what the day is actually about. Therefore: the age doesn’t matter.

Of course it is! If your offspring should also play a central role in the Wedding Ceremony and you want to take advantage of the fact that all your friends and family have already come together, that’s a nice thing to do. Feel free to ask me about the possibilities!

Of course this varies depending on your wishes, but in general the following applies:

Children’s Welcome Ceremony: so that it doesn’t get too long for the children, the ceremony is usually
around 20 – 35 minutes

Wedding Ceremony
: usually around 45 minutes

Funeral: The day is difficult enough for those who mourn and does not have to be unnecessarily prolonged. Therefore, a Funeral Ceremony only lasts about 20 minutes. In addition, in the cities you can often only book the mourning hall for 20 minutes

In case there are unpredictable governmental restrictions and the ceremony can’t be held, we will try to find the best possible solution togehter. If we are lucky, the ceremony can be held outside or with less people. It is also possible to postpone the event, as long as I am available on your new preferred date. Please contact me immediately if you want to make any changes in the schedule or if you are worried!

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